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Success is built with backbone.

At work in our businesses, governments, and neighbourhoods, the values and knowledge of CPAs are the backbone of our success. Leading us to opportunity. Supporting us through our struggles. CPAs can help navigate societal and economic changes turning ambition into reality.

The backbone of recovery

In a difficult economic climate, one hotel group took a step back to move forward. See how they reserved their place for tomorrow.

The backbone of the new economy

Who is the MVP on your team? For Esports brands World Gaming Network and Collegiate Star League, it’s their CPA. See how CPA leadership can take your team to the top.

The backbone of restructuring

When The North Forks Portage switched to ultra-short-term vision and microscopic attention, they set the entire organization up for success. Learn how CPA leadership paved the way.

The backbone of opportunity

New pharmaceutical ventures aren’t without their risks. See how CPA financial expertise and vision played a critical role in opening new possibilities for Cyclica.

The backbone of risk assessment

Learn how The Co-operators’ professional accountants support the company’s efforts to identify risks and look for opportunities in the face of climate change.

The backbone of integrity

As chief executive officer of Ortus Strategies, Canadian CPA José Hernandez helps global organizations rebuild after running into serious and often ethical difficulties. Find out how his commitment and approach to ethical business aligns with the Canadian Ideal of Good Business.

The backbone of digitalization

Josh Zweig and Chad Davis co-founded LiveCA, Canada’s first and largest virtual accounting firm. Watch the video to see how they continually leverage their unique approach to business as they help define the Canadian Ideal of Good Business.

The backbone of community

Emmanuel Dubourg MP, Co-founder of CPA Without Borders, is an inspiration to the public and other accountants — both in Canada and abroad. Hear what the Canadian Ideal of Good Business means to him.

Filip Dinis is shown wearing a grey suit, standing outside in front of a blue fence

How a CPA is helping to accelerate the Bank of Canada’s digital future

Filipe Dinis is the CPA who is turning the iconic Bank of Canada into a digital-first powerhouse.

CPA Justin Marchand standing in front of house

Meet the CPA fighting for Indigenous housing

Justin Marchand is finding creative ways to successfully run the largest Indigenous housing organization in Ontario and help get more Indigenous people housed.

Portrait of CPA Lally Remnentilla against a white backdrop

Meet the CPA helping entrepreneurs cash in on their ideas

Lally Rementilla is bringing about innovation in the intellectual property realm—arguably the backbone of all business.

Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel

The extraordinary rise of alternative data, investors’ secret weapon

Quandl and the rise of alternative data. Data is the most important and bleeding edge thing in business and CPAs have been on this for years. Hear about five CPAs at the forefront of the new data economy.

Andrew Morgan, a partner at EY, flying drone

Faster. Cheaper. Safer. Better? Welcome to auditing in the drone age

Andrew Morgan is the CPA who led the way when it came to drone-assisted auditing.

The Canadian Ideal of Good Business: Terry Goodtrack, a leader in finance education

As president and CEO of AFOA Canada, Terry Goodtrack helps provide Indigenous people with finance and management tools to govern their communities. Find out how his work aligns with the Canadian Ideal of Good Business.

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